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Custom Clothing Made In USA , In LAApparel Manufacturer USA IN LA - Call us toll-free in the United States at (800) 775-7227.

Euphoric Colors


Euphoric Colors is a full-service private label apparel manufacturer in Los Angeles emphasizing high quality made in USA custom clothing.

Our services includes Development Consultation ,Full Service Manufacturing,Pattern Development,Project Manager,Sample Development,Specialty Fabrics,Graphic Design,

These are unprecedented times.  At Euphoric Colors feel obligated to be a part of the movement to combat COVID-19.  We have turned our manufacturing company into an all made in the USA center to produce comfortable masks and protective gears for a discounted price.  As well for every 24 masks, you purchase we will donate and distribute 1 to the first responders and their families Click here to request information for masks and protective gears    buy masks from us for every mask you buy we donate one. click here 

  • Providing full line development and production solutions to clients in the private label apparel, custom brand clothing, fashion industries & corporate develop your clothing brand with confidence as we have decades of experience. 
  • We work directly with your design teams to develop custom clothing and manufacturing solutions tailored to your brand needs.
  • Create your custom clothing line in LA, make your clothing brand stand out in front of all your competitors!

Today “Made in the USA” label is hard to come by — especially in clothing, Apparel, and garments. 

Days of booming textile and apparel manufacturing industry in the United States of America is now seldom, and factories are challenging to find. Fortunately -Euphoric Colors is one of few vertical apparel manufacturers remaining in the United States, located just in the heart of Los Angeles.
One of the most important parts of starting your own made in the USA fashion clothing brand, textile accessory (Tote bag, duffel bag, scarf, gloves, etc. or manufacturing your restaurant chain’s uniforms is choosing a manufacturer with extensive expertise fortunately Euphoric Colors is here to help all from concept to final products. It’s important to consider the pros and cons of each and to make the right decision.
American garment manufacturing is right for you and our country we are very proud of not leaving unite start and keep manufacturing private label clothing and apparel branding here in the USA 

Historically and in the present day, American-made products have been in high demand all around the world. The American manufacturing standard was the best in the world for nearly a hundred years for a reason.
We believe that American manufacturing automatically leads to higher quality goods and it does.
By working with  Euphoric Colors. Our USA apparel manufacturing services provide high-quality, accessible domestic manufacturing for everyone from the small, start-up clothing brand to the globally known name. 

Like an end to end zone Euphoric Colors is to provide high-quality, accessible domestic manufacturing for everyone from the small, start-up clothing brand to the big brands 
Euphoric Colors is your one place to manufacture your brand trusting us is trusting your brand. 

Garment Manufacturing: American Jobs for American Workers.

Apparel and clothing manufacturing in the USA strengthen the American economy and is a high selling point for your garments, too. 
We are not a sweatshop-free, and we do not condone sweatshop working conditions. The hands Knitting fabric, sewing or screen printing your garment are hard-working locals Americans.
We want to see the strength of the American worker and the buying power of their dollar to climb. We believe the best way to do this is by keeping our private label garment manufacturing services in the United States Los Angeles.

Garment Manufacturing and the American Economy

Americans spend more than $330 billion a year on clothes and shoes,” Many prefer to buy American made brands especially true in the fashion and garment industry.
Euphoric Colors provides 100% made in USA apparel production services at our office and factory 
in Los Angeles. 
 When we do outsource, we use other American manufacturers, suppliers, trim makers wherever it is possible to keep it all in the USA. 

There are other Advantages of Garment Manufacturing in the USA.

  • If you sell quickly, you can restock rapidly.
  • Lower MOQ.
  • You can avoid many mistakes.
  • You will have a great team working with you from start to finish and much more.
  •  If eco-friendly, Organic and environmentally friendly are important to you or your customers, USA garment manufacturing is the way to go.


****Euphoric Colors is vertically integrated****





  • We buy yarn in the USA
  • We knit our yarn in the USA
  • We dye fabric in the USA
  • We cut in the USA
  • We sew in the USA
  • We print and decorate in the USA
  • We package and distribute in the USA












  • We are providing design and production solutions to clients in the private label apparel, corporate, and fashion industries.
  • Keep investing in local U.S. talent and manufacturing capabilities to be able to meet your requirements and provide fast turnaround times.
  • Keep working on our quality to ensure the highest consistency and superiority. 
  • Be dedicated and continuously train our team to satisfy our customer needs in every aspect of the business.

"Navigate your vision develop & produce custom clothing in USA" Develop your clothing line with us with confidence . We work directly with your design teams to develop custom apparel manufacturing solutions tailored to your needs. .


Clothing and garment factory to make clothing made in Los Angeles in the USA 

  • 1
    Sourcing materials, creating patterns and make your samples.
    Development Inquiry
  • 2
    After fully developed approved collection we begin production.
    Production Inquiry.
    “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's needs
    But not every man's greed.”
    Go Eco.
    — Mahatma Gandhi

Do you need a high-quality USA-based clothing factory to cut and sew your clothing apparel in the USA? 

"You are one step away"   

Call us today at 800.775.7227. email us or use the form below 


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