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At Euphoric Colors, we also specialize in printing directly onto rolls of fabric

At Euphoric Colors, we also specialize in printing directly onto rolls of fabric

1. **Pigment Printing:** This is one of the most common methods used for fabric printing and is especially popular due to its ability to be used on a wide variety of fabric types. The process involves printing pigment inks directly onto the fabric, which are then set using a binder and heat. Pigment prints are known for their excellent colorfastness and durability, though they may not be as bright as other methods. This method is environmentally friendly as it uses less water and energy compared to other techniques.

2. **Wet Printing:** Wet printing, also known as dye-based printing, involves the use of dyes instead of pigments. The process requires the fabric to undergo several stages, including pre-treatment, printing, steaming, and washing. This method can produce vibrant colors and is suitable for large-scale production. However, it's important to note that not all fabrics are compatible with this method, and it tends to be more time-consuming and uses more water compared to other methods.

The process for both methods generally follows these steps:

- **Design Consultation:** We work with you to finalize the design, which can be a repeating pattern or a unique print. Our team can help optimize the design for the chosen printing method and fabric type.

- **Fabric Selection:** We will assist you in selecting the right type of fabric for your project based on the end product and desired print method.

- **Printing Process:** The fabric is loaded onto the printer, and the design is printed directly onto the fabric roll. Our state-of-the-art printers ensure high precision and vibrant colors.

- **Post-Treatment:** Depending on the print method, the fabric may then go through a heat setting or curing process to ensure the durability of the print. For wet printing, this also includes steaming and washing stages.

- **Quality Control:** Every printed fabric roll is inspected for color consistency, print quality, and any potential defects before it's approved for shipment.

- **Delivery:** The printed fabric rolls are then carefully packaged and shipped to your location.

Our straight-to-fabric printing service is ideal for fashion designers, textile artists, home goods manufacturers, and anyone else needing large quantities of custom-printed fabric. Trust Euphoric Colors to bring your design vision to life with our top-quality fabric printing services.