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Weather it is retail or wholesale sales they are forecasted to spike a week before Christmas, but until then many retailers face a period of doldrums waiting for consumers to show up at physical stores or online. Euphoric Colors  want to give tips for the heavy long days of the holiday retail season.

The way to attract shoppers into a store, even during relatively dry periods, is to observe the three “H”s, said John, Owner of Euphoric Colors. The three “H”s are “happy,” “helpful” and “homemade.”

Producing a festive, happy environment in a store is crucial, John said. Make sure your place looks inviting, pleasant, colorful, and fun. Maybe produce an event such as a “blind gift-wrapping” party, where consumers are blindfolded and attempt to gift-wrap a present. In addition, you can throw a holiday party and tell your employees to invite family and friends. There are many ways to go about this, but your main goal should be to get clients to come in to the store in any way possible. “It’s the time of year where people are supposed to be having fun,” John said. Consumers seek out places where they can partake in some holiday party, cheer, event. They want to go to a place where they can have a pleasant time and enjoy the company of others while being able to shop for there family and friends. Offering homemade treats, or gifts at your store is another way to add holiday cheer, John said.

Being helpful and resourceful also attracts a lot of customers. Suggesting what kind of gifts to buy, or offering gift-wrapping or perhaps adding time to the store’s typical gift-return policy will attract more consumers to a store, he said. These initiatives also can serve as an alternative to offering discounts. “It is offering a service as opposed to discounting product. … Not everyone is looking for a discount,” Chin said. To boost sales during slow periods and after the holidays, retailers should develop gift-card programs, sales of certain items they need to get out of the store, friends and family discounts, according to John. “Black Friday is no longer a one-day event. It is a cyber month,” John said, adding that consumer engagement increases with digital gift cards. John states that physical and e-gift cards can boost sales.

Almost two-thirds of gift-card recipients spent more than the value of the gift cards. In addition, when given discounts consumers always spend more then they would have with out the discounts Gift cards also can drive foot traffic. The report found that 40 percent of those surveyed, because of a gift card they received, patronized stores that they otherwise would not have visited.

There are many ways to get more traffic in your stores! If you have any questions or need help call Euphoric Colors and an associate will help you!!


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